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qUu pRswid ] sUu~Xy ]

Tva Prasaadh|| Swayye||


dInn kI pRiqpwl krY inq sMq aubwr gnImn gwrY ]

Deenan ki pratipaal karai nit sant ubaar ganiman gaarai||

He always Sustains the Lowly, protects the saints and destroys the enemies.

p~C psU ng nwg nrwDp srb smY sB ko pRiqpwrY ]

Pachchh pasoo nag naag naraadhap sarab samai sabh ko pratipaarai||

At all times he Sustains all, animals, birds, mountains (or trees), serpents and men (kings of men).

poKq hY jl mY Ql mY pl mY kil ky nhIN krm ibcwrY ]

Pokhat hai jal mai thal mai pal mai kal(i) ke nahoon karam bichaarai||

He Sustains in an instant all the beings living in water and on land and doth not ponder over their actions.

dIn dieAwl dieAw iniD doKn dyKq hY pr dyq n hwrY ] 1]243]

Deen daeaal daeaa nidh dokhan dekhat hai par det na haarai||1||243||

The Merciful Lord of the Lowly and the treasure of Mercy sees their blemishes, but doth not fail in His Bounty. 1.243.

dwhq hY duK doKn kyM dl du~jn ky pl mY dl fwrY ]

Daahat hai dukh dokhan kau dal dujan ke pal mai dal dhaarai||

He burns the sufferings and blemishes and in an instant mashes the forces of the vicious people.

KMf AKMf pRcMf phwrn pUrn pyRmY kI pRIq sBwrY ]

Khandh akhandh prachandh pahaaran pooran prem kee preet sabhaarai||

He even destroys them who are mighty and Glorious and assail the unassailable and responds the devotion of perfect love.

pwr n pwie skY pdmw piq byd kqyb AByd aucwrY ]

Paar na paae sakai padmaa pat Bed Kateb abhed uchaarai||

Even Vishnu cannot know His end and the Vedas and Katebs (Semitic Scriptures) call Him Indiscriminate.

rojI hI rwj iblokq rwjk roK rUhwn kI rojI n twrY ] 2]244]

Rojee hee raaj bilokat raajak rokh roohaan kee rojee na taarai||2||244||

The Provider-Lord always sees our secrets, even then in anger He doth not stop His munificence.2.244.

kIt pqMg kurMg BujMgm BUq Biv~K Bvwn bnwey ]

Keet patang kurang bhujangam bhoot bhavikkh bhavaan banaae||

He Created in the past, creates in the present and shall create in the future the beings including insects, moths, deer and snakes.

dyv Adyv Kpy AhMmyv n Byv liKE BRm isE Brmwey ]

Dev adev khapey ahanmev na bhev lakhio bhram sio bharmaae||

The goods and demons have been consumed in ego, but could not know the mystery of the Lord, being engrossed in delusion.

byd purwn kqyb kurwn hsyb Qky kr hwQ n Awey ]

Bed Puraan Kateb Kuraan haseb thake kar haath na aae||

The Vedas, Puranas, Katebs and the Quran have tired of giving His account, but the Lord could not be comprehended.

pUrn pyRm pRBwau ibnw piq isau ikn sIR pdmw piq pwey ] 3]245]

Pooran prem prabhaao binaa pat sio kin sri padmaa pat paae||3||245||

Without the impact of perfect love, who hath realized Lord-God with grace? 3.245.

Awid AnMq AgwD AdYUuK su BUq Biv~K Bvwn ABY hY ]

aadh anant agaadh advaikh su bhoot bhavikkh bhavaan abhai hai||

The Primal, Infinite, Unfathomable Lord is without malice and is fearless in the past, present and future.

AMiq ibhIn Anwqm Awp Adwg AdoK AiC~dR ACY hY ]

Ant(i) biheen anaatam aap adaag adokh achhiddra achhai hai||

He is endless, Himself Selfless, stainless, blemishless, flawless and invincible.

logn ky krqw hrqw jl mY Ql mY Brqw pRB vY hY ]

Logan ke kartaa hartaa jal mai thal mai bhartaa Prabh vai hai||

He is the Creator and Destroyer of all in water and on land and also their Sustainer-Lord.

dIn dieAwl dieAw kr sRI piq sMudr sRI pdmw piq ey hY ] 4]246]

Deen daeaal daeaa kar sri pat sundar sri padmaa pat ey hai||4||246||

He, the Lord of maya, is Compassionate to the Lowly, source of Mercy and most beautiful.4.246.

kwm n koRD n loB n moh n rog n sog n Bog n BY hY ]

Kaam na krodh na lobh na moh na rog na sog nab hog na bhai hai||

He is without lust, anger, greed, attachment, ailment, sorrow, enjoyment and fear.

dyh ibhIn snyh sBo qn nyh ibrkq Agyh ACY hY ]

Deh biheen saneh sabho tan neh birkat ageh achhai hai||

He is body-less, loving everybody but without worldly attachment, invincible and cannot be held in grasp.

jwn ko dyq Ajwn ko dyq jmIn ko dyq jmwn ko dY hY ]

Jaan ko det ajaan ko det jameen ko det jamaan ko dai hai||

He provides sustenance to all animate and inanimate beings and all those living on the earth and in the sky.

kwhy ko folq hY qumrI suD suMdr sRI pdmw piq lYhY ] 5]247]

Kaahe ko dholat hai tumree sudh sundar sri padmaa pat(i) laihai||5||247||

Why dost thou waver, O creature! The beautiful Lord of maya will take care of thee. 5.247.

rogn qy Ar sogn qy jl jogn qy bhu BWiq bcwvY ]

Rogan te ar sogan te jal jogan te bahu bhaant bachaavai||

He protects in many blows, but none doth inflict thy body.

s~qRu Anyk clwvq Gwv qaU qn eyk n lwgn pwvY ]

Sattru anek chalaavat ghaav too tan ek na laagan paavai||

The enemy strikes many blows, but none doth inflict thy body.

rwKq hY Apno kr dY kr pwp sMbUh n Bytn pwvY ]

Raakhat hai apno kar dai kar paap sanbooh na bhetan paavai||

When the Lord protects with his own hands, but none of the sins even comes near thee.

AyMr kI bwq khw kh qo syMN su pyt hI ky pt bIc bcwvY ] 6]248]

Aur kee baat kahaa kah to saun su pet hee ke pat beech bachaavai||6||248||

What else should I say unto you, He protects (the infant) even in the membranes of the womb.6.248.

j~C BujMg su dwnv dyv AByv qumY sB hI kr iDAwvYN ]

Jachh bhujang su daanav dev abev tumai sabh hee kar dhiaavain||

The Yakshas, serpents, demons and gods meditate on Thee considering Thee as Indiscriminant.

BUim Akws pqwl rswql j~C BujMg sBY isr inAwvYN ]

Bhoom akaas pataal rasaatal Jachchh bhujang sabhai sir niaavain||

The beings of the earth, Yakshas of the sky and the serpents of the nether-world bow their heads before thee.

pwie skY nhI pwr pRBw hU ko nyq hI nyqh byd bqwvYN ]

Paae sakai nahee paar prabhaa hoo ko net hee netah Bed bataavain||

None could comprehend the limits of Thy Glory and even the Vedas declare Thee as ‘Neti, Neti’

Koj Qky sB hI KujIAw sur hwr pry hir hwQ n AwvY ] 7]249]

Khoj thake sabh hee khujooaa sur haar pare Har(i) haath na aavai||7||249||

All the searchers have got tired in their search and none of them could realize the Lord. 7.249.

nwrd sy cqurwnn sy rumnw irK sy sB hUM imil gwieE ]

Naarad se chaturaanan se Rumnaaa rikh se sabh hoon mil gaaio||

Narada, Brahma and the sage Rumna all have together sung Thy Praises.

byd kqyb n Byd liKE sB hwr pry hir hwQ n AwieE ]

Bed Kateb na bhed lakhio sabh haar pare Har haath na aaio||

The Vedas and Katebs could not know His sectet; all have got tired, but the Lord could not be realised.

pwie skY nhI pwr aumwpiq is~D snwQ snMqn iDAwieE ]

Paae sakai nahee paar Umaapat Siddh Sanaath sanantan dhiaaio||

Shiva also could not know His limits; the adepts (Siddhas) alongwith Naths and Sanak etc. meditated upon Him.

iDAwn Dro iqh ko mn mYN ijh ko Aimqoij sBY jgu CwieE ] 8]250]

Dhiaan dharo tih ko man main jih ko amitoj sabhai jag chhaaio||8||250||

Concentrate upon Him in thy mind, whose Unlimited Glory is spread in all the world.8.250.

byd purwn kqyb kurwn AByd inRpwn sBY pc hwry ]

Bed Puraan Kateb Kuraan abhed nripaan sabhai pach haare||

The Vedas, Puranas, Katebs and the Quran and kings…all are tired and greatly afflicted by not knowing the Lord’s mystery.

sikE AnByd ko Kydq hY AnCyd pukwry ]

Bhed na paae sakio anbhed ko khedat hai anchhed pukaare||

They could not comprehend the mystery of the Indis-criminate Lord, being greatly aggrieved, they recite Name of the Unassailable Lord.

rwg n rUp n ryK n rMg n swk n sog n sMig iqhwry ]

Raag na roop na rekh na rang na saak na sog na sang tihaare||

The Lord who is without affection, form, mark, colour, relative, and sorrow, abides with thee.

Awid Anwid AgwD AByK AdYUuK jipE iqn hI kul qwry ] 9]251]

aadh anaadh agaadh abhekh advaikh japio tin hee kul taare||9||251||

Those who have remembered that Primal , beginningless, guiseless and blemishless Lord, they have ferried across their whole clan.9.251

qIrQ kot kIey iesnwn dIey bhu dwn mhw bRq Dwry ]

Teerath kot kiey isnaan diey bahu daan mahaa brat dhaare||

Having taken bath at millions of pilgrim-stations, having given many gifts in charity and giving observed important fasts.

dys iPirE kr Bys qpoDn kys Dry n imly hir ipAwry ]

Des phirio kar bhes tapodhan des dhare na mile Har piaare||

Having wandered in the garb of an ascetic in many countries and having worn matted hair, the beloved Lord could not be realised.

Awsn kot kry AstWg Dry bhu inAws kry muK kwry ]

aasan kot kare astaang dhare bahu niaas kare much kaare||

Adopting millions of postures and observing the eight steps of Yoga, touching the limbs while reciting the mantras and blackening the face.

dIn dieAwl Akwl Bjy ibnu AMq ko AMq ko AMq ky Dwm isDwry ] 10]252]

Deen daeaal akaal bhaje bin ant ko ant ke dhaam sidhaare||10||252||

But without the remembrance of the Non-temporal and Merciful Lord of the lowly, one will ultimately go to the abode of Yama. 10.252.